Nutrition Counseling

Lauren Cimino is a Dietetic Technician registered with 6 years of experience in clinical nutrition. She is thrilled to be working into community nutrition with an emphasis on wellness and prevention. Lauren believes physical fitness and sound nutrition go hand-in-hand to create the most healthful and fulfilling lifestyle.
Nutrition Counseling Logo with a smiling woman
Six-Week Nutrition Program: Weight Management
Are you one of those people that are always trying different diet fads to manage your weight but not getting the success you would like? Meet with Lauren for you own customized nutrition plan to start a healthy life style of weight management and see success. You will be meeting with Lauren 6 times during a 10-week period.
Fee: $180/$234

3-Week Session: Nutrition Education
Meet with Lauren to discuss individual questions and concerns you may have regarding general nutrition, weight loss or dietary health issues. Receive a customized diet analysis as well.
Fee: $100/$130

Tune-Up/Quick Session: Diet Analysis
Meet with Lauren for a tune-up to your plan, or 1 time to review your diet history and learn general nutrition information.
Fee: $55/$65

Location:  Itasca Fitness Center