Age 10+ It's a Wonderful Life-Radio

When you think of Wisconsin what do you think of? If jelly beans, cheese and brats
came to mind then we have a trip for you! Let's head up to Wisconsin for the day.
We'll stop at The Jelly Belly Factory, where you'll enjoy a tour and samples. We'll have
lunch nearby (on your own) where we'll enjoy some Wisconsin Brats and we'll also
make a pit stop at the Mars Cheese Castle, where cheese curds rule supreme! Don't
miss out on this fun and unique day trip! (KM)
AGE: 60+yrs

*Time correction to 3pm return after Brochure was published.

Tue Apr 11
9am-3pm* $20 451002-01
LOCATION: Meet at Itasca Rec Center
MIN/MAX: 8/13