Flight and Feathers - New!

People have always been fascinated by the birds’ ability to fly. Explore the special
adaptations that raptors such as owls, hawks and falcons have for flying. Did you know
that some falcons can dive at speeds faster than a race car, and that owls are so silent
that their prey cannot hear them flying? We will study the raptors at the Nature Center to
help us understand how they have evolved to become masters of their environment. A
paid adult must accompany ages 8 and under.(CC)

: 5+yrs
Sat May 19 2-2:45 pm $7/$9 321403-03
Sat June 23 2-2:45 pm $7/$9 121407-01
Sat Aug 25 2-2:45 pm $7/$9 121407-02
LOCATION: Nature Center
INSTRUCTOR: Wings and Talons   MIN/MAX: 8/20