Tiny Tikes 2022-2023

Tiny Tikes 2022-2023 (1, 2, and 3 Day Options)

  AGE: 24 months by Sep 1, 2022

*AGE: 24 months by Jan 1, 2023 for Friday 11:30 am class which begins in January

This transitional class is designed for children who will be attending class alone for the first time.  Students will participate in circle time activities, stories, creative art, free play, and snack, while starting basic academic skills.  Children may enroll in both a Monday/Wednesday class and a Friday class for a three day option.


1 Day Options

DAY                      DATE                            TIME                            CODE

Fri                         Sep 9-May 19             9-11am                       610101-02

*Fri                       Jan 6-May 19             11:30am-1:30pm      610101-04


2 Day Options

DAY                      DATE                            TIME                            CODE

Mon, Wed           Sep 7-May 17            9-11am                       610101-01

Mon, Wed           Sep 7-May 17            11:30am-1:30pm      610101-03


3 Day Options (Add a Friday class to the Monday/Wednesday option)

Program First Payment Due at Registration  Plan 1 due Aug 10 Plan 2- 8 payments Total for Plan 1 Total for Plan 2
Tiny Tikes 2 day- M/W $164/$177 $1,103/$1,231 $164/$177 $1,267/$1,408 $1,476/$1,593
Tiny Tikes 3rd Day- Fri $100/$107 $631/$688 $100/$107 $731/$795 $900/$963
Tiny Tikes 1 day- Fri Jan 2021 $140/$149 $370/$398 $140/$149 $510/$547 $560/$596- 4 payments

Registration Guidelines

  • Online Registration for any Early Education Program must be paid in full. 
  • In-person registration is being accepted at the Itasca Rec Center, payment plans are available only in person. 
  • There is a $75 cancellation fee for withdrawing from Tiny Tikes, Preschool or Junior Kindergarten
  • There is a $25 cancellation fee for withdrawing from the Enrichment additional day options.

Registration Requirements before the start of the school year

  • First Payment (All Students)
  • Proof of Residency, i.e. Driver’s License or utility bill (All Students before the start of school)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (All Students before the start of school )
  • School Physical for Preschool & Junior Kindergarten Program (All Students due by October 15, 2022)