Junior Kindergarten 2023-2024

Junior Kindergarten 2023-2024 (3, 4, and 5 Day Options)

AGE: 4 years by Sep 1, 2023 and toilet-trained

Our Junior Kindergarten program provides excellent groundwork for Kindergarten and future learning. Using a theme-based curriculum, the class emphasizes alphabet recognition, phonics, and numbers. These skills are acquired through a variety of games, art, music, stories and science activities, along with daily small group work. The optional fourth and fifth day options extend the curriculum in a smaller group setting in order to provide more individualized attention in preparation for full day Kindergarten programs. The fourth and fifth days of the program are held at Springbrook Nature Center, which provides many opportunities for outdoor learning activities. (CC)


3 Day Options                                   

DAY                      DATE                            TIME                            CODE

Mon, Wed, Fri    Sep 6-May 15            8:45-11:45am            510103-01

Mon, Wed, Fri    Sep 6-May 15            12:15-3:15pm            510103-02

MIN/MAX: 12/14


4 and 5 Day Options (Add Tuesday, Thursday, or both to one of the above sections)
Combine our Enrichment Program with our Junior Kindergarten class to help make the transition to full-day five day Kindergarten a little easier next year. This class has been developed for students who are ready for an additional day of learning or for those who could benefit from more individualized attention in a small class setting. This program will enhance the curriculum being taught in the Itasca Park District M/W/F classes. It includes theme based STEM activities along with pre-reading and math skills in a Kindergarten readiness curriculum. Students will use the outdoor facilities at the Nature Center each day to extend what has been learned in the classroom. (CC)

DAY                      DATE                            TIME                            CODE

Tue                       Sep 5-May 14            8:45-11:45am            511403-01

Thu                       Sep 7-May 17            8:45-11:45am            511403-02

Tue/Thu               Sep 5-May 16            8:45-11:45am            511404-01

Tue/Thu               Sep 5-May 16            12:15-3:15pm            511404-02

LOCATION: Nature Center 
MIN/MAX: 6/8

Program First Payment at  Due Registration  Plan 1- Due Aug 10 Plan 2-8 Payments
JK 3 Day- M/W/F $220/$238 $1,577/$1,707 $220/$238
JK 4 Day- T or Th $120/$133 $772/$869 $120/$133
JK 5 Day- T/Th $168/$188 $1,225/$1,373 $168/$188

Registration Guidelines

  • Online Registration for any Early Education Program must be paid in full. 
  • In-person registration is being accepted at the Itasca Rec Center, payment plans are available only in person. 
  • There is a $100 cancellation fee for withdrawing from Tiny Tikes, Preschool or Junior Kindergarten
  • There is a $50 cancellation fee for withdrawing from the Enrichment additional day options.

Registration Requirements before the start of the school year

  • First Payment (All Students)
  • Proof of Residency, i.e. Driver’s License or utility bill (All Students before the start of school)
  • Copy of Birth Certificate (All Students before the start of school )
  • School Physical for Preschool & Junior Kindergarten Program (All Students due by October 15, 2023)