Summer  Dance Classes 

Dance Practices

Dance with Me
Explore dance and creative movement with your dancer! Class will focus on engaging your young dancer with familiar music, while introducing them to basic dance technique and fine motor skills. Memory, coordination, and listening and sharing skills will be built. Comfortable clothing or dance attire is recommended for both dancers and parents. Open to dancers ages 1-3

Children’s Dance
This class is designed to help your child recognize their own individuality and body mobility while helping them develop coordination. The time will be split equally between ballet and tap dance. Students need tap shoes, ballet shoes, a leotard, and tights. 

Tap/Ballet Classes
Half of the class will be devoted to ballet and barre work, while the other half will focus on tap. Dancers will develop basic ballet and tap technique. Combinations in both ballet and tap will be introduced so that dancers can experience putting steps together.  

Jazz Classes
Dancers will focus on jazz techniques like the isolation of certain body parts and tap techniques such as finding rhythms and beats in the music and their bodies. Students will need jazz shoes, tap shoes and comfortable dance attire.

Hip Hop
Stay “in step” this summer! Sign up for Hip Hop in which students will learn the latest dance moves! Hip Hop classes introduce students to the basic vocabulary and style of hip hop movement. It’s all about a dancer’s personal style and expression. This is a high energy class designed for anyone with a passion to move. Students will need comfortable clothing and either jazz shoes or danceable gym shoes.

Dancers will be introduced to the Lyrical dance technique, a blend of ballet and jazz techniques that focuses on the use of emotion and story-telling through movement. Dancers will also explore elements of improvisation. A leotard and footless or convertible tights are recommended, but comfortable clothing that is not too loose is acceptable. Dancers should have their hair pulled back away from the face. 
Intro Level recommended for ages 4-6
Level I recommended for ages 7+

Dancers will be introduced to the Contemporary dance technique, an expressive and technical dance style that combines elements of ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz, and improvisation. Dancers will be encouraged to develop their own unique style and artistic voice within choreography. Bare feet are required. Dancers should have their hair pulled back away from the face.
Intermediate Level - Dance Team or Permission Only
Advanced Level - Dance Team or Permission Only

Ballet Technique
Students work on ballet vocabulary, placement, structure, and all around Ballet technique. Ballet shoes, a leotard, and tights are required. 

Dance Team Conditioning
Dance Team members will be guided through exercises that increase strength, stability, stamina, and endurance. A number of different activities and techniques will be introduced, focusing on stretching, strengthening, and the overall well-being of the dancer. Footless or convertible tights are required. Dancers should have their hair pulled back away from the face.

Private Lessons and Semi Private Lessons available with Ms. Darla!
For more information or to schedule a lesson, please fill out a request form at the Itasca Rec Center. Lessons are $40 for a 1-hour lesson. Fee must be paid before the beginning of the lesson.