Dodgeball Games

This class is designed to get boys and girls involved in action-packed and friendly
dodgeball games that are great for all skill levels. Youngsters develop throwing,
catching, and dodging skills as well as the agility and stamina needed to play
dodgeball and other sports. They also learn the rules of dodgeball as well as strategies
and techniques needed to play at a fast pace. We play games such as original
dodgeball, basedodge, and medic dodgeball in a safe and supervised environment.
Kids will experience individual challenges and team competition as they learn to
dodge, dip, duck and dive in this exciting class! Soft balls are used. Please bring a
labeled water bottle and face covering. (DF) * No Class 7/9

8-12 yrs
LOCATION: Rec Center Gym         MIN/MAX: 5/12
Fri Jun 11-Jul 16
6:15-7 pm $41/$46 112137-01
Fri Jul 23-Aug 20
6:15-7 pm $41/$46 112137-02