Itasca Angels - Competitive Team Gymnastics

2024-2025 Competitive Gymnastics Team practices Monday and Wednesday evenings 5-8pm and competes in the IPDGC Optional. Gymnastics meets are held January through April with a state competition in April 2024. Gymnasts must compete in a minimum of 3 meets to qualify for State. Please contact Jolene if you are interested in being a part of the Itasca Angels Gymnastics Team. Team Gymnastics Fee averages $300 per month, competition leotards and meet fees are additional.

Preschool Gymnastics

With a 1:6 ratio the class is designed to teach some gymnastics skills on bars, beam, floor, and vault. Obstacle courses are set up for climbing, jumping, balancing, learning forward rolls, backward rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and straddle rolls.

AGE: 3-5yrs

Beginner 1 Gymnastics

It is designed to teach gymnastics skills on bars, beam, floor, and vault. Pull ups and tap swings on bars. Spotted pullovers. Casting. Beam walks and turns. Tumbling skills such as bridge kickovers, round offs, cartwheels, handstands, front and back limbers will be worked on. Some obstacle courses will be included with vaulting drills.

Tumbling for Cheer

Cheer and tumble class will work on tumbling, cheer jumps, cheer motions, dances, stunting, conditioning, and flexibility.

AGE: 5-12yrs

Tumbling for Dancers Rec/Intermediate

Working on back handsprings, round off back handspring, front handsprings, back handsprings steps outs, side, and front Ariels. Drills for back tucks. Instructor Approval Required.

Tumbling for Dancers Beginner Tumbling

Cartwheels, one arm cartwheels, round offs, back and front limbers, back and front walkovers and handstands, drills for back handsprings. Instructor Approval Required.

Advanced tumbling for Dancers 

Working on standing back tucks on floor, round off back handsprings steps layouts and layout step outs, round off multiple backhand springs. Must have mastered Ariel and round off back handsprings steps to be in this class. Instructor Approval Required.

Beginner 2 Gymnastics

Working harder skills on bars, beam, floor, and vault than B1. Cartwheels on low beam, round offs off the beam, half turn on beam, backward roll-on beam, handstands fall flats on vault, back hip circles on bars, one arm cartwheels, Back handsprings, round off backhand springs, front handsprings, connected tumbling passes. Conditioning, flexibility, and work on getting strong round offs and handstandsB2 gymnastics.Instructor Approval Required.

Future Angels

This is a pre-team gymnastics class. Shooting stars Gymnastics. This class is designed for girls ages 5.5 -10 who are serious about doing competitive gymnastics in the future. Practice leotards are required. Each child will learn routines for each event. We will have a performance for the parents at the end of the session. This team will have a chance to meet the older gymnasts and show them their routines. Participants must have a cartwheel, solid bridge, and a round off. Each child will be evaluated to make sure this is the right level for them.