Safe Communities

In April 2009, the Village of Itasca became the first municipality in Illinois and the fifth in the nation to be designated as a Safe Community.

A safe community comes together to promote safe and healthy behaviors that protect people from injury and harm in all aspects of their lives.  A safe community involves all sectors of the community working together in a coordinated and collaborative way to promote safety and health and managing risk to increase the safety of its residents.  The leading role is played by the community itself in determining what areas of safety and health are in greatest need of prevention, intervention, and control.


Who belongs to a Safe Community?  Virtually everyone including police, schools, park districts, fire protection districts, public health organizations, medical and healthcare providers, citizen groups, libraries, business and service organizations, social service organizations and safety advocates, to name a few.  


Why would the Village of Itasca want to become a Safe Community?  Safe communities can reduce the numbers and cost of injuries, promote health and safety in our village, enhance community pride, encourage people, families and businesses to move to Itasca, improve the quality of life and most importantly to save lives!

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