Junior Naturalist Club

Do you want to learn more about nature and how we can help protect it? Maybe you like to fish, canoe, hike, camp, and roast marshmallows. If this sounds exciting, you should become a Junior Naturalist (JN). The JN club is a group of kids that love to have a good time and help out. The JNs explore, hike, work special events, and restoration projects, take care of the animals in the building and much more! This club meets once a week, usually on Fridays at the Nature Center. A newsletter with dates, times, activities and other important information is provided every few months.
Spots are limited in this club, so don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity!
You can reach Chris at 630-773-2257 with any questions. (CC)

: 9-15 yrs

Varies Year Round Free 531400-01
LOCATION: Nature Center
Jr Naturalist Club